Superstar Owen

Owen is a 6-year-old fun-loving, energetic boy who likes to play with trucks and Legos. In May 2020, while the world was newly experiencing the COVID-19 Pandemic, Owen’s parents started noticing unknown bruising and red spots (Petechiae) on their son’s skin. An oncologist visit and blood work revealed Owen had Aplastic Anemia, which is a rare blood disease where the body fails to produce blood cells in sufficient numbers.

Treatment for Owen included a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) which he received in Boston, miles away from their home in Maine. Grahamtastic Connection gifted Owen with a new iPad during his BMT, which he uses to FaceTime family and friends who he otherwise would not be able to see while in isolation. Owen’s big sister also showed him some games to play including his favorite learning app Doulingo ABC. Fortunately, Owen’s BMT was successful, thanks to the anonymous donor chosen from over 200 matches in the donor database.

Owen’s iPad, along with our donated high-speed internet access, allows him to attend school remotely as he continues to grow stronger each day. Owen’s father Nicholas states, “Thank you Grahamtastic Connection for giving Owen the opportunity to develop new skills with the technology that you have so generously provided him.”