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Superstar Jackson

When 6-year-old Jackson fell this summer and fractured his leg, his family was shocked to learn he had a tumor on his fibula which was caused by Ewing Sarcoma. Jackson currently receives cancer treatment at Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital and at Boston Children’s Hospital. His treatment includes aggressive chemotherapy followed by extensive surgery to remove the tumor on his leg.

Jackson is a silly boy who likes all sports, Legos, Spiderman, Pokémon, Nintendo Switch and playing on his iPad. He is so adored by his sister Sofia. Sofia and her parents Martine and Kyle are doing their best to keep his spirits up as he navigates through his difficult cancer treatments.

We feel very fortunate to be in Jackson’s caring circle, placing a tele-presence robot in his first-grade classroom. The robot allows him to be in school virtually whenever he’s feeling well enough to log on. His classmates have been known to hug the robot and also make a heart shape with their hands, showing Jackson their love.

Martine, Jackson’s mom states, “Having the robot in his class has allowed Jackson to stay connected to his classmates and friends from his hospital bed. It’s amazing as a parent to see a classroom full of 6-year-olds cheer when the robot comes on and they can see him. We are so grateful to Grahamtastic Connection and all their supporters for being able to provide a tool to keep him engaged with his class and teacher when he can't physically be there."

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